Thematic Lines


COTEC’s current programmatic and project initiatives are focused on the following Themes:

Circular Economy and Sustainability, strategic direction of the European Union policy for the Rebirth in the name of European Industry Innovation, in particular that manufacturing, for the recognition of the initiatives designed and implemented by Italian companies and for the elaboration of intervention proposals of public and private operators to promote and support the transition of the economic and social system towards the Circular Economy model.

Human Capital & Digital Innovation, for the study of the impacts of digital innovation on public institutions, on structures and work processes in both public and private sectors, on professional skills and for the elaboration of proposals for public intervention, especially in the field of training of human capital, to direct these impacts towards the creation of an effective and efficient Knowledge Society (Digital).

Industry 4.0 & 4th Industrial Revolution, for the prospective analysis of the evolution, starting from Industry 4.0, of companies and production systems in every economic sector, under the pressure of technological innovation, and in the digital field (Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cybersecurity, etc.) and in the broader technical-scientific field (bio and nano technologies and their convergence and integration).

Research & Innovation, for the elaboration of policies and the design of operational tools to support innovation in Italy based on advanced knowledge and scientific and technological research, in line with the new social models of innovation, which see the action of new actors, especially young talents.

Internationalization, alongside the stimulus and guidance action towards institutions and businesses in collaboration with the COTECs of Portugal and Spain, for the development of strategies and programs to support technological cooperation between the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.

Innovation and Cultural Heritage, for the analysis of the level of use of technologies applied to the enhancement of cultural heritage, to assess the potential and adequacy of the current tools for the promotion and use of cultural institutions.