Cotec Europe

Cotec Europe

The Cotec Foundation works in constant synergy with the Fundación Cotec of Spain and the Associação Cotec of Portugal to help guide the research and innovation policies of the European Union, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

Fundación Cotec Spain

The Fundación Cotec was established in the early nineties at the instigation of His Majesty King Juan Carlos, who is today its Founding President. It is the main entrepreneurial organization in the country, which aims to contribute to the promotion of technological innovation and the increase of social sensitivity on the issues of technology. Cotec Spain gathers among its associates the major industrial and financial companies present in the country, guaranteeing an institutional hinge function between entrepreneurial bodies and the public system.

Associação Cotec Portugal

The Cotec Association is made up of the main production companies in the country, engaged in the development of the national innovation system. Cotec Portugal, born under the pressure of the President of the Portuguese Republic and who is now the President of the General Assembly, aims to support the competitiveness of Portuguese companies, through the promotion of the culture and practice of innovation in society and the collaboration between public institutions.

Symposium COTEC Europe

The international dimension, characterized by the strong Mediterranean vocation, of the collaborations between the Cotec Foundation, the Fundación Cotec and the Associação Cotec find in the Symposium, the highest institutional expression. During these occasions, the Heads of State of the three countries, as Honorary Presidents of the Cotecs, with the representatives of their respective Governments and a fine selection of the industrial and research world, meet to outline common actions on the themes of innovation policy. and activate specific collaboration initiatives.